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Posted on 06/13/2012

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United States
san diego
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In my own words:
How to sell myself? Man, that is hard. I'm hoping you get a good impression off my picture! I am a guy that is a bit of a nerd but also adventurous, I mean I love white water rafting, so how much of a nerd can I be?

I also know I don't like being single. I enjoy doing things for that special some one. I enjoy doing things with that person. From camping, to dancing, to shooting pool, to just cuddling together and reading a book.

I'm even to the point of putting a banner on my dog, saying "Single! Help! He's a good guy!" Actually, when I get around to doing that I will take a picture and put on here!

I have my flaws, and I have my strengths. Like everyone, I don't know all them or which ones to promote. I will say I have a job, one I enjoy doing. In fact, I have been doing it for over 14 years now, so it doesn't look like I'll be leaving it anytime soon. I'm also diabetic. Because my pancrease was damaged through too much iron in my blood. Doesn't stop me from eating what I want, I just have to be responsible. That's life. But if its something that bothers you, no worries. There is someone for each of us. I just really hope my soul mate is in San Diego and not living in another galaxy. Darn you Technology! Where's my flying car?!
Looking for:
Why am I trying to find a girl all the way over in Australia? That is a good question. I think I will stick with a sense of adventure and a desire to visit Australia.

What I'm looking for, ultimately hoping to find, is a life companion. That one person that you rush home from work every day to see. That one person you look forward to being with on days off. Someone to share your secret, inner jokes with, who understands why I'm laughing at the world when the world makes no.

I want the girl that likes to stay at home and watch movies and cook together in the kitchen, but who also is excited about camping and riverrafting, or a weekend at an amusement park. Who finds taking an occassional cruise to be fun, romantic, and relaxing.
Body type:
5' 7"
Dark Brown
Caucasian (white)
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